Passover JoyBox


The Passover Joybox is filled with family activities and gifts to share with your loved ones:
  • Information about the holiday, the story of Passover and the main rituals
  • Passover Scavenger hunt: The pre-Passover ritual of Bdikat Chometz turns into a game for the whole family.
  • The Passover matching game, that will allow you to make time and have a conversation about king Pharaoh, the Plagues, little Moshe and other subjects while matching them into pairs.
  • All you need for the Afikoman ritual:
    • A beautiful designed Afikoman bag, made by the Israeli artist Yair Emanuel.
    • You will also find a special Afikoman finder prize!
  • The perfect Centerpiece for Seder night (or the perfect gift for your  Seder host)

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